Friday, January 13, 2012


Kate Spade and I have a love hate relationship. I adore everything in their lines and feel as though their style fits my personality perfectly. The hate part deals with customer service. Having worked in retail I understand and the appreciate the importance of customer service. Over the summer I was shopping in my local kate spade store in philadelphia and was appalled by the service. I was rudely helped and was almost ignored. I was so frustrated I left the store and bought the bag and sunglasses from Nordstrom, (customer service superstars). 

Every since that incident I have been skeptical about purchasing their products, however 6 months has been way to long and I am completely sucked in and have decided a Kate Spade shopping spree is in my future. Below are things I am loving right now from Kate. 

This will become my overly nice gym bag.
I just adore it. 
I love this sailor knot bracelet. Although  I am not a sailor, the BF is and I think it would be a cute reminder on my wrist

This dress is a perfect addition to my work attire and can easily be appropriate for a dinner with the parents or a sunday matinee.

This pearl necklace is a fun replacement for my mikimoto pearls. Oversized pearls are a favorite way to make a look perfectly preppy.

Hopefully I will not be disappointed I posted this in the future. But for know it will continue be #thingsIlove.


  1. the new Kate spade stuff is really cool...have you seen the ship clutch?