Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Politically Incorrect, but Fabulously Dressed

Change is a word that seems to be constant in my current life. From graduating college to the agonizing job search, moving home and most recently blogging. I never thought blogging would be an activity of enjoyment, as I mostly associated this Internet sensation with being aggressively hip for a conservative junky, cashmere wearing, monogrammed mess. However; here I am today bottled up with excitement for the creation of my blog!

I grew up in a so called WASPY suburb of Philadelphia, exposed to designer clothing and range rovers before I could tie my own shoes. Although I wanted to jump into the world of carrying a Louis and Starbucks at age 14 my mother grounded me; dressing me in ratty cashmere sweaters, ribbon belts and hand me down monogrammed jewelry. At the time I was furious, but now I am gracious and thankful for the values I was brought up upon and understanding what is important in life does not have dollar signs. As I left the nest for the college scene I continued to maintain my classic preppy style and strong conservative views, something that was far from the norm at my liberal university in the heart of Boston. So here I am today, excited about politics and all things preppy. I am nervous and excited to begin this journey, but can not wait to continue to share! Enjoy!

Till than continue to be politically incorrect and fabulously dressed.


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