Sunday, January 15, 2012

Change Anyone?

Obama preached his way into the presidential nominee with his slogan for "change." I was confused four years ago about what he was actually planning on changing and I am still confused today. Change is a strong word to use as CEO of our Country and I think if he was truly a CEO he would have already been fired. However, these are just my opinions and I respect counter arguments. Feeling this way I am extremely excited for the upcoming election, not only for the possibility of a new leader, but also to watch the magic of a Presidential campaign unfold. 

I have worked on small scale campaigns, that came with long hours, no sleep and at the end of it tears; so I can only imagine how little sleep those on a presidential campaign are getting, if any at all. Because I write about Fashion and Politics I think it is important to inform my readers about each of the GOP candidates and what they can offer. It is important to be informed when voting for the next leader of our country, as the general public is usually misinformed or uneducated altogether for various reasons. 

Mitt Romney- a well educated man, graduating from BYU, Harvard Law School and Harvard Business, he made his debut into politics as the governor of MA. He was well known for cutting the deficit by $3 billion and creating an overall universal healthcare system. He is a business man with a strong work ethic and excellent experiences that would help him lead our country. 

Newt Gingrich- well known for his time as Speaker of the House. He has in-depth experience on Capitol Hill and oversaw policies that allowed for economic expansion, welfare reform and a balanced budget. Due to his seniority in politics Newt has a strong platform for candidacy. 

Rick Santorum- is a previous Senator for the state of PA. He is known as a social and fiscal conservative and has  many controversial stances on various issues including; Iraq, homosexuality and welfare. Santorum nearly won Iowa putting himself on the map as a strong contender against Romney. 

Ron Paul- is currently a congressman in the state of Texas. He is known for his strong libertarian views on free trade and military interaction. Ron Paul has been in the political eye for a long time with a continuous hope to win the nominee from the republican party. Paul has a strong following of supporters and a lengthy history with fellow colleagues for support. 

Rick Perry is the last candidates for the nominee, but are most likely to leave the race sooner than later. Perry has been on a roller-coaster ride from the beginning with his scrutiny from the press and his public speaking mistakes because of this Perry has not succeed in the primaries. 

WHOOO that was a lot of information! Sorry if I over did it, but its important for the young demographics to stay involved and informed! If you guys have any other input or questions feel free to ask!


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  1. love your clift notes version of candidates! thanks!