Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's a cold and rainy day in Boston and when I woke up this morning to see the dreary skies I immediately sighed knowing my daily commute to work was going to be far from pleasant. After double checking the weather forecast on my iphone I begin my outfit choice, because unfortunately walking through a rainy city affects your fashion, hair and shoe choices for the day. Luckily there are perfect rain gear for preppies making getting ready a little bit easier. 

Barbour is a practical preppy look. This women's Beaufort Jacket is my favorite outwear piece in my closet.  The outer fabric is a waxed cotton allowing to keep you protected from all bad weather elements.   Although these jackets are a tab bit expensive the investment is 100% worth it, you will have it for years.

I'm sure if you grew up in the northeast and love all things preppy LL Bean, Bean Boots are a staple in your closet. I love LL Bean for so many reasons, there customer service is unreal and the warranty on their products is unlimited. I am always confident in the high quality of their products and the reasonable prices. These boots are perfect in rain or snow and even a way to complete a rugged look on a colder day.

All major designers have incorporate rain gear into their lines, especially umbrellas. They are an item that can be fun and whimsical without being overdone. Although I find them adorable, I am a classic girl and am far from over the top. So my umbrella choice is this classic duck umbrella by North River Outfitter. With a variety of color choices and a cute duck face what else can you ask for.



  1. I think I have all this in my closet minus the duck umbrella!

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