Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gettin' Comfy in the Kitchen

I have a love hate relationship with the kitchen. Although it is by far my favorite room in most homes and usually is surrounded with good food, great friends and even better wine, I fear the actually use of the kitchen, cooking.

At 22 years old, I am embarrassed to say I do not know how to cook. I have lived on my own for five years and have yet to even attempt to make anything more than pasta and mac n cheese. However, recently I have found that constantly eating out is killing my budget and I would much rather save that money for some new clothes hence my new found adventure of cooking. 

Luckily the BF is a pretty decent cook and he is beginning to show me the basics, I have seemed to master chicken and rice (I will never stop being paranoid that the chicken is not cooked all the way). My co-workers know I am a novice chef and when they see a home cooked meal in the fridge with my name on it they are shocked, yet also inspiring. The girls I work with are pretty kitchen savvy and one has recently inspired me to take a risk with chicken and make this delicious stuffed chicken with Mozzarella and Tomato. It was so amazing and EASY! 

My final product did not look as amazing

The Recipe can be found here! Since I am a beginner I would love to hear some of your easy, relatively healthy recipes I can try!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess

We all have a childhood memory of that sparkly board game full of plastic glittery jewelry, Pretty, Pretty Princess. If only I could spin an arrow and be told which accessories should be added to my outfit everyday. I rarely change my jewelry. I have a few signature pieces that I never take off, however I think the right jewelry pieces can make an outfit fabulous. Although I die over the Kate Spade pieces, its difficult to spend so much money on  costume jewelry, so when I discover some great new accessories I get very excited!

These are my signature jewelry pieces I wear everyday, that all have a lot of meaning to me. On the far left is my mothers gold initial pinky ring, she received it from her mother at 16 and it was than handed down to me. This vintage ring is priceless, they just don't make monogramed jewelry like this anymore.

 In the middle are three separate stack rings that were gifts from my parents for various milestones in my life (21st bday, graduation, etc.) This is some serious bling for me, but i love the simplicity of each piece.

The majority of the jewelry I wear on my left wrist is thanks to the BF. He gave me this Raymond Weil watch for x-mas and one of my Yurmans for my 21st, my mother gave me the other for my 18th! 

What are some of your classics and how do you mix it up!?


Monday, March 19, 2012

Bikini Boot Camp

I once was a year round athlete, but as college has ended I have become enemies with the gym. For my entire life I played sports and never had to run on a treadmill for exercise and now that I don't have a coach forcing me to do sprints, I have lost my urge to get moving. However, the whether has been unbelievable here in Boston, putting my mind in summer mode aka bikini whether! AHH

I have recently found some inspiration and motivation from one amazing friend! Tonight I had a wonderful experience at Exhale Spa in The Battery Wharf, Boston! The class was called core fusion and it was anything but easy! The instructor was very welcoming and helpful throughout the class and I sincerely felt like my body just went through a detox.  What a great start to the week!

I am excited to embark on my "bikini boot camp" and  will keep you informed on my progress!

Do you guys have any classes you love or tips for healthy eating? Would love the feedback!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway Alert!

My new favorite line of jewelry Bridier Baubles is hosting a giveaway and I couldn't be more excited to spread the word! These baubles are fabulous combination of classic meets chic, sure to make any gal happy! Check them out on Facebook to enter  and find out more!! Good Luck!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung...almost

 Boston may be the biggest weather tease of all time, from 70 degrees to 40 in a matter of a day its beginning to create a mild complex that is giving me a bit of frustration! Although this winter has been the most mild one over the past 5 years, it seems to make me even more anxious for spring, which also means a new wardrobe. 

Here are some of my must haves for my stylish spring ahead!

 Jcrew has always had a soft spot in my heart since my early h.s. years and theres always something every season I cannot live without and this shirt is definitely it! I love it with shorts and a blazer, a statement necklace or just jeans and flops! So Adorable!

I am currently obsessing over Leona's new spring line. Everything is accented with delicate bows and statement buttons to take classic pieces to the next level. I love the twist on the classic white dress. Need to have. 


These budget friendly items are perfect spring staples. 
This statement necklace by Bridier Baubles is the perfect item for your self and reasonable enough to get one for a friend too! 
I am loving all her entire line right now! Check it out!
Lastly this bag is a perfect summer travel bag. Its a cross body big enough for a overnight or for a day out in the city and its only 40$. Love, love love!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Life is Full of Adventures

I had such big hopes to be a dedicated blogger when I started this, but due to an internship involved in a political campaign, I had to seize all blogging, tweeting and Facebook posting. Although it was a short lived adventure, I learned a lot about myself and how much I am not fit for a political campaign. It truly takes a certain type of person, however I still am a political nerd, so political posts will still be frequent!

With one door closing another quickly opened! During my time in the campaign, I learned I truly had a passion for PR and social media and I am now learning from the best.  I am happy to be the newest Intern of KAGency! A fellow blogger, (monograms and martinis) and social media inspiration I am over joyed to have this opportunity and so happy to to share this next chapter in my life with you!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"God Must Love Calories, Because He Made So Many."

As a former D1 athlete (not to brag) going to the gym was never something that needed to be done. I was always working out to get in shape for season with a variety of activities, but most importantly playing the game. Once my career came to an end a large amount of anxiety fell over me, knowing I was doomed for the GYM. It absolutely terrified me, all of those machines, people and mirrors, how was I going to figure all of this out. 

During college I would occasionally go to the gym with my friends as almost a social affair, but never found a true desire to go until recently. The post-graduation job search as taken its toll on me emotionally and physically. To keep my mind occupied I begin going to the gym and realized how much my anxiety and stressed decreased after each session. Know I'm hooked and can not stay away. But to keep me excited about the gym I have developed a shopping habit with cute work-out gear. As a athlete my closet is full of t-shirts and shorts, although practical not cute to run and grab coffee with your friends afterwards. So I have been on the hunt for cute practical gym wear, the newest addition to my closet.

Workout attire can be expensive, which is frustrating considering what it is used for. But this tank is perfect  and only $12 from I just ordered three!

If your not ready to ditch the t-shirt, get something cute to throw on afterwards. I usually do not think of VS for anything other than undies, but I had a few girlfriends in college that swore by their yoga wear. I have recently found some cute pieces that are cheaper than other yoga competitors. This sweatshirt is only $29 on sale! Scoop one up before their gone. 

If your not interested in the new workout gear, add some preppy fun into your workout. I received one of these monogrammed water bottles for christmas and love it! Not only do I bring it to workout, but also carry it throughout the day (helps me drink more water.) The yoga matt is also a fun touch! Thanks again to Marley Lilly, they have made my 2012 full of monogram madness.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Change Anyone?

Obama preached his way into the presidential nominee with his slogan for "change." I was confused four years ago about what he was actually planning on changing and I am still confused today. Change is a strong word to use as CEO of our Country and I think if he was truly a CEO he would have already been fired. However, these are just my opinions and I respect counter arguments. Feeling this way I am extremely excited for the upcoming election, not only for the possibility of a new leader, but also to watch the magic of a Presidential campaign unfold. 

I have worked on small scale campaigns, that came with long hours, no sleep and at the end of it tears; so I can only imagine how little sleep those on a presidential campaign are getting, if any at all. Because I write about Fashion and Politics I think it is important to inform my readers about each of the GOP candidates and what they can offer. It is important to be informed when voting for the next leader of our country, as the general public is usually misinformed or uneducated altogether for various reasons. 

Mitt Romney- a well educated man, graduating from BYU, Harvard Law School and Harvard Business, he made his debut into politics as the governor of MA. He was well known for cutting the deficit by $3 billion and creating an overall universal healthcare system. He is a business man with a strong work ethic and excellent experiences that would help him lead our country. 

Newt Gingrich- well known for his time as Speaker of the House. He has in-depth experience on Capitol Hill and oversaw policies that allowed for economic expansion, welfare reform and a balanced budget. Due to his seniority in politics Newt has a strong platform for candidacy. 

Rick Santorum- is a previous Senator for the state of PA. He is known as a social and fiscal conservative and has  many controversial stances on various issues including; Iraq, homosexuality and welfare. Santorum nearly won Iowa putting himself on the map as a strong contender against Romney. 

Ron Paul- is currently a congressman in the state of Texas. He is known for his strong libertarian views on free trade and military interaction. Ron Paul has been in the political eye for a long time with a continuous hope to win the nominee from the republican party. Paul has a strong following of supporters and a lengthy history with fellow colleagues for support. 

Rick Perry is the last candidates for the nominee, but are most likely to leave the race sooner than later. Perry has been on a roller-coaster ride from the beginning with his scrutiny from the press and his public speaking mistakes because of this Perry has not succeed in the primaries. 

WHOOO that was a lot of information! Sorry if I over did it, but its important for the young demographics to stay involved and informed! If you guys have any other input or questions feel free to ask!


Friday, January 13, 2012


Kate Spade and I have a love hate relationship. I adore everything in their lines and feel as though their style fits my personality perfectly. The hate part deals with customer service. Having worked in retail I understand and the appreciate the importance of customer service. Over the summer I was shopping in my local kate spade store in philadelphia and was appalled by the service. I was rudely helped and was almost ignored. I was so frustrated I left the store and bought the bag and sunglasses from Nordstrom, (customer service superstars). 

Every since that incident I have been skeptical about purchasing their products, however 6 months has been way to long and I am completely sucked in and have decided a Kate Spade shopping spree is in my future. Below are things I am loving right now from Kate. 

This will become my overly nice gym bag.
I just adore it. 
I love this sailor knot bracelet. Although  I am not a sailor, the BF is and I think it would be a cute reminder on my wrist

This dress is a perfect addition to my work attire and can easily be appropriate for a dinner with the parents or a sunday matinee.

This pearl necklace is a fun replacement for my mikimoto pearls. Oversized pearls are a favorite way to make a look perfectly preppy.

Hopefully I will not be disappointed I posted this in the future. But for know it will continue be #thingsIlove.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

It's a cold and rainy day in Boston and when I woke up this morning to see the dreary skies I immediately sighed knowing my daily commute to work was going to be far from pleasant. After double checking the weather forecast on my iphone I begin my outfit choice, because unfortunately walking through a rainy city affects your fashion, hair and shoe choices for the day. Luckily there are perfect rain gear for preppies making getting ready a little bit easier. 

Barbour is a practical preppy look. This women's Beaufort Jacket is my favorite outwear piece in my closet.  The outer fabric is a waxed cotton allowing to keep you protected from all bad weather elements.   Although these jackets are a tab bit expensive the investment is 100% worth it, you will have it for years.

I'm sure if you grew up in the northeast and love all things preppy LL Bean, Bean Boots are a staple in your closet. I love LL Bean for so many reasons, there customer service is unreal and the warranty on their products is unlimited. I am always confident in the high quality of their products and the reasonable prices. These boots are perfect in rain or snow and even a way to complete a rugged look on a colder day.

All major designers have incorporate rain gear into their lines, especially umbrellas. They are an item that can be fun and whimsical without being overdone. Although I find them adorable, I am a classic girl and am far from over the top. So my umbrella choice is this classic duck umbrella by North River Outfitter. With a variety of color choices and a cute duck face what else can you ask for.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Show Your Support and Look Cute Doing It!

Politics and fashion are two words rarely used in the same sentence. For years the media has ripped a part men and women politicians for their lack of "capitol hill swag,"giving the politic preps a bad rep. Just because politics can be boring and mundane does not mean we have to dress that way. As my mother always told me; dress to impress and be confident doing it.
Since most of us are not involved in politics regularly, our political fashion may not be a top priority; however I believe it is extremely stylish to show your support. Either Republican or Democrat many companies have used fashion as a political support tool and I am LOVING it.  

Smathers and Branson does an excellent job of satisfying the preppy politician in your life. This subtle keychain is a tasteful way to show your support.


If you have not determined your political party, do not fret! You can look just as adorable or handsome in this case, with a pop of red white and blue. I just ordered this headband and I believe it will become a staple in my wardrobe! Thank you and

If your not ready to make the bold move into political fashion, dress your pooch cause no one will judge a puppy:)

These fashion accessories are a great conversation starter and even a better way to get the cute boy in the blue blazer to see your intelligence under that hermes scarf. This fashion statement may have more benefits than expected!


Monday, January 9, 2012

From Capitol Hill to the City Streets

 So called "Fashion Rules" have always made absurd restrictions on certain color combinations or colors in a particular season altogether, however I enjoy breaking the rules every once in a while (shhh).  Currently my favorite rule to break is pairing our closet classics, navy and black.

I recently rocked this look to girls night out and was complimented left and right. I love the sophistication of all these pieces (thank you especially the necklace which pulled the look together. You can definitely go from the office to the city streets with confidence. 

To much surprise my black and navy looks are not catching eyes of the paparazzi (just yet), but this look has even been taken over by the white house. Although Mrs. Obama and I may not vote the same, I love her style. Well done. 

This look is easily acquired and suitable for all occasions.  We all have black and navy in our closet so why not put them on at the same time. Try a little black dress with a navy blazer to start. love.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Initials Are A Sandwich

I love everything monogrammed especially since I was graced with initials commonly associated with a mid-afternoon snack (BLT). I am always looking for new and different ways to playfully add a monogram in my life. Here are a few of my favorites:

I just received this clutch for x-mas and absolutely loving everything about! Its a bit trendy, hence why mother is not as pleased with the purchase, but I think thats what monogramming is all about mixing the old with the new. Props to for the addition to my wardrobe!

Monograms can go from the closet to the work place, and these personalized journals for only $16 are perfect! Great for jotting down notes or as a meaningful gift to anyone in your life, these playful journals can even add photos, without breaking the bank. (Remember were in a recession) Find these journals and many more at

Chic and simple these bracelets are my new favorite accessory! I bought three, one for each initial and have fallen so in love with this look I have even put the Yurmans in the jewelry chest for a littler winter hibernation. Even better they are handmade from! Small business love


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Fabulous Fashion

2012 has already started off with a bang both in politics and fashion. I recently stayed up till the wee hours of the night to watch the results of the Iowa Caucus. Im a political junky, so watching Romney beat Santorum by only 8 votes almost made it worth waking up late the next day and going to work with wet hair. Every vote does count!

Enough about Politics, Fashion its your turn. As much as I love the big brands that engross the preppy lifestyle, I have most recently found a love for companies that may not always be in the spotlight. One of my new years resolutions is buying from smaller privately owned businesses. I currently work for one (North River Outfitter) and have really understood the value and importance of running a small business. 
So as an ode to my current employer, I am dedicating this post to my favorite prepified retailer! The small store in the heart of the Beacon Hill neighborhood will charm you with; Barbour, Smathers and Branson, Tory, Lilly and so much more. Catering to both men and women there is literally something for every preppy in your life. (they also have a website) So please support local businesses in your town, it will help get our economy back on track!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Politically Incorrect, but Fabulously Dressed

Change is a word that seems to be constant in my current life. From graduating college to the agonizing job search, moving home and most recently blogging. I never thought blogging would be an activity of enjoyment, as I mostly associated this Internet sensation with being aggressively hip for a conservative junky, cashmere wearing, monogrammed mess. However; here I am today bottled up with excitement for the creation of my blog!

I grew up in a so called WASPY suburb of Philadelphia, exposed to designer clothing and range rovers before I could tie my own shoes. Although I wanted to jump into the world of carrying a Louis and Starbucks at age 14 my mother grounded me; dressing me in ratty cashmere sweaters, ribbon belts and hand me down monogrammed jewelry. At the time I was furious, but now I am gracious and thankful for the values I was brought up upon and understanding what is important in life does not have dollar signs. As I left the nest for the college scene I continued to maintain my classic preppy style and strong conservative views, something that was far from the norm at my liberal university in the heart of Boston. So here I am today, excited about politics and all things preppy. I am nervous and excited to begin this journey, but can not wait to continue to share! Enjoy!

Till than continue to be politically incorrect and fabulously dressed.