Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"God Must Love Calories, Because He Made So Many."

As a former D1 athlete (not to brag) going to the gym was never something that needed to be done. I was always working out to get in shape for season with a variety of activities, but most importantly playing the game. Once my career came to an end a large amount of anxiety fell over me, knowing I was doomed for the GYM. It absolutely terrified me, all of those machines, people and mirrors, how was I going to figure all of this out. 

During college I would occasionally go to the gym with my friends as almost a social affair, but never found a true desire to go until recently. The post-graduation job search as taken its toll on me emotionally and physically. To keep my mind occupied I begin going to the gym and realized how much my anxiety and stressed decreased after each session. Know I'm hooked and can not stay away. But to keep me excited about the gym I have developed a shopping habit with cute work-out gear. As a athlete my closet is full of t-shirts and shorts, although practical not cute to run and grab coffee with your friends afterwards. So I have been on the hunt for cute practical gym wear, the newest addition to my closet.

Workout attire can be expensive, which is frustrating considering what it is used for. But this tank is perfect  and only $12 from I just ordered three!

If your not ready to ditch the t-shirt, get something cute to throw on afterwards. I usually do not think of VS for anything other than undies, but I had a few girlfriends in college that swore by their yoga wear. I have recently found some cute pieces that are cheaper than other yoga competitors. This sweatshirt is only $29 on sale! Scoop one up before their gone. 

If your not interested in the new workout gear, add some preppy fun into your workout. I received one of these monogrammed water bottles for christmas and love it! Not only do I bring it to workout, but also carry it throughout the day (helps me drink more water.) The yoga matt is also a fun touch! Thanks again to Marley Lilly, they have made my 2012 full of monogram madness.


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