Thursday, January 5, 2012

Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Fabulous Fashion

2012 has already started off with a bang both in politics and fashion. I recently stayed up till the wee hours of the night to watch the results of the Iowa Caucus. Im a political junky, so watching Romney beat Santorum by only 8 votes almost made it worth waking up late the next day and going to work with wet hair. Every vote does count!

Enough about Politics, Fashion its your turn. As much as I love the big brands that engross the preppy lifestyle, I have most recently found a love for companies that may not always be in the spotlight. One of my new years resolutions is buying from smaller privately owned businesses. I currently work for one (North River Outfitter) and have really understood the value and importance of running a small business. 
So as an ode to my current employer, I am dedicating this post to my favorite prepified retailer! The small store in the heart of the Beacon Hill neighborhood will charm you with; Barbour, Smathers and Branson, Tory, Lilly and so much more. Catering to both men and women there is literally something for every preppy in your life. (they also have a website) So please support local businesses in your town, it will help get our economy back on track!


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  1. NRO is my favorite. Living in Cambridge, Beacon Hill is where I need to go when I need a break- it feels like a two hour vacation. I've always wanted to apply when they are hiring, but it might be a bit much while in my undergrad.

    Congratulations on the blog! It looks great- I am glad someone else lives the preppy politician lifestyle.