Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung...almost

 Boston may be the biggest weather tease of all time, from 70 degrees to 40 in a matter of a day its beginning to create a mild complex that is giving me a bit of frustration! Although this winter has been the most mild one over the past 5 years, it seems to make me even more anxious for spring, which also means a new wardrobe. 

Here are some of my must haves for my stylish spring ahead!

 Jcrew has always had a soft spot in my heart since my early h.s. years and theres always something every season I cannot live without and this shirt is definitely it! I love it with shorts and a blazer, a statement necklace or just jeans and flops! So Adorable!

I am currently obsessing over Leona's new spring line. Everything is accented with delicate bows and statement buttons to take classic pieces to the next level. I love the twist on the classic white dress. Need to have. 


These budget friendly items are perfect spring staples. 
This statement necklace by Bridier Baubles is the perfect item for your self and reasonable enough to get one for a friend too! 
I am loving all her entire line right now! Check it out!
Lastly this bag is a perfect summer travel bag. Its a cross body big enough for a overnight or for a day out in the city and its only 40$. Love, love love!

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  1. the weather has been so crazy here in the east.

    so glad youre back :)