Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess

We all have a childhood memory of that sparkly board game full of plastic glittery jewelry, Pretty, Pretty Princess. If only I could spin an arrow and be told which accessories should be added to my outfit everyday. I rarely change my jewelry. I have a few signature pieces that I never take off, however I think the right jewelry pieces can make an outfit fabulous. Although I die over the Kate Spade pieces, its difficult to spend so much money on  costume jewelry, so when I discover some great new accessories I get very excited!

These are my signature jewelry pieces I wear everyday, that all have a lot of meaning to me. On the far left is my mothers gold initial pinky ring, she received it from her mother at 16 and it was than handed down to me. This vintage ring is priceless, they just don't make monogramed jewelry like this anymore.

 In the middle are three separate stack rings that were gifts from my parents for various milestones in my life (21st bday, graduation, etc.) This is some serious bling for me, but i love the simplicity of each piece.

The majority of the jewelry I wear on my left wrist is thanks to the BF. He gave me this Raymond Weil watch for x-mas and one of my Yurmans for my 21st, my mother gave me the other for my 18th! 

What are some of your classics and how do you mix it up!?


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