Monday, March 19, 2012

Bikini Boot Camp

I once was a year round athlete, but as college has ended I have become enemies with the gym. For my entire life I played sports and never had to run on a treadmill for exercise and now that I don't have a coach forcing me to do sprints, I have lost my urge to get moving. However, the whether has been unbelievable here in Boston, putting my mind in summer mode aka bikini whether! AHH

I have recently found some inspiration and motivation from one amazing friend! Tonight I had a wonderful experience at Exhale Spa in The Battery Wharf, Boston! The class was called core fusion and it was anything but easy! The instructor was very welcoming and helpful throughout the class and I sincerely felt like my body just went through a detox.  What a great start to the week!

I am excited to embark on my "bikini boot camp" and  will keep you informed on my progress!

Do you guys have any classes you love or tips for healthy eating? Would love the feedback!


  1. one of my good friends goes to the Exhale in the Gansevoorts here and does core fusion...shes raves about it SO much

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  3. Sorry, I was playing around with my account (the above deleted comment) haha. But, I am definitely continuing this boot camp process with you.